NCERT Books for Class 2 English

NCERT Books Class 2 English – Download Free PDF

The NCERT Class 2 English books PDF are very lucid, explaining complex concepts in a simple manner. The textbook is based on the latest CBSE Class 2 English syllabus and enhances the learning capabilities of the children. The book helps to strengthen the knowledge of the concepts that a child learns in English class. The topics mentioned in the NCERT textbook comprise a combination of poems and stories explained with pictures to provide students with a fun learning experience. Reading the NCERT books along with solving the solutions will make the learning process more enjoyable if taught in a proper way.

Students should focus on NCERT textbooks of English – Marigold and Raindrops textbooks to score well in the Class 2 exams. Both textbooks are designed keeping the students understanding capacity in mind. The topics included in both textbooks will help the students to build their overall personalities as they grow up. To help students to score well, we have provided chapter-wise PDFs of both English textbooks. Students can download the NCERT Books for Class 2 and start preparing for the upcoming annual exam.

NCERT Books Marigold for Class 2 Chapter-wise PDF

The Marigold textbook covers topics such as First Day at School, Haldi’s Adventure, I am Lucky!, I Want, A Smile, The Wind and the Sun, etc. All the mentioned chapter topics should be understood and remembered thoroughly, as the questions in the final exam would be asked from all these topics covered in the textbook. Given below are the unit-wise PDFs of the English textbook Marigold for Class 2.

Download the PDF of Class 2 Marigold English

NCERT Books Marigold for Class 2 Chapter-wise PDF

NCERT Books Raindrops for Class 2 Chapter-wise PDF

The Raindrops textbooks cover topics like Action Song (Poem), Our Day, My Family, etc. Students need to work hard on these topics, as the questions will be asked from the chapters mentioned below. If students are thorough with all the chapters, they can write the English exam with full confidence and score excellent marks.

Download the PDF of Class 2 Raindrops English

NCERT Books Raindrops for Class 2 Chapter-wise PDF

English is one of the most widespread languages in the world, which is impacting every field of work. English plays a much greater role in the world when it comes to communicating with one another. Students can make use of NCERT Solutions to find suitable answers to textbook questions.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Books for Class 2 English


How to score full marks in the exams using NCERT Books for Class 2 English?

Students should prepare a timetable for each chapter and learn the topics accordingly to score well in the annual exams. Before starting with the exam preparation, students should first understand the syllabus designed for the academic year. This will help them to understand the mark weightage for each concept. The NCERT Class 2 Solutions can be referred to by students to obtain in-depth knowledge of all the chapters.

Where can I get the NCERT Books for Class 2 English online?

You can get the NCERT Books for Class 2 English online on BYJU’S website. NCERT Books is considered to be one of the best online study materials for students under the CBSE Board. The experts have designed the books in an easy-to-understand way to help students with their exam preparation. It will also improve the grammatical skills of students to attain more marks. The books are available in PDF with a free download option.

Do the NCERT Books for Class 2 English follow the CBSE guidelines?

The NCERT Books for Class 2 English, prepared by the subject experts, strictly adhere to the CBSE guidelines. By using textbook PDFs, students will be able to grasp the chapter and clarify their doubts instantly. Each and every chapter PDF is created with utmost care with the aim of helping students to perform well in the final exam. The interactive explanation provided for each answer enables the confidence of students, which is important to score good marks in the Class 2 exam.