Science experiments for class 6

Inside every child is a natural scientist. Kids love to examine God’s creation with their hands (often far more than they love to read and write about it!) If there is a mystery in the way water behaves in straws or under heat, they want to know the whys and hows. If light creates a rainbow on the wall, they demand an explanation. Our science experiments take very little time and fit any budget. Also, they only require items found in every household, save a few that can be purchased easily at the local hardware store.

Another fun thing about our science experiments is that they demonstrate God and His nature every time. God may seem a bit mysterious to kids because He’s supposed to love us even more than parents, yet he can’t be seen and heard like parents. He doesn’t hug, kiss goodnight, or help pick up toys. Science ought to be seen as a joyful means of discovering the nature of God, and each of our experiments attempts to show either a parallel to Him or an insight into His character.

How to make Wind Chimes

Ever wonder how Wind Chimes produce that beautiful sound everytime the wind blows? There is a science behind, now learn how to make Wind Chimes that produce beautiful music with a few simple instructions and easily available materials.

How to make Slime

Ever wonder what is made of the ooey, gooey slime that you see on your favourite shows on television? Now you can make some of your slime with simple ingredients and easy instructions for your pleasure.

How to make Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns are beautiful works of art combined with science which give you something unique in the end. Learn how to make paper lanterns with step by step instructions a few simple materials available at home.

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