Science experiments for CBSE Class 6

CBSE Science experiments for Class 6

Inside every child,  there is a natural Scientist in hiding. Kids often love to examine the Science activities and experiments (often far more than they love to read and write about it!) If there is a mystery in the way water behaves in straws or under heat, they want to know the why’s and how’s. If light creates a rainbow on the wall, they demand an explanation. These Science experiments of Class 6 are designed to provide this information to the students of CBSE. Our CBSE Class 6 Science experiments take very little time and fit any budget. Also, they only require items found in every household, save a few that can be purchased easily at the local hardware store.

Another fun thing about these Science experiments for CBSE Class 6 is that it demonstrates the application of Science in the day-to-day life. Science is an interesting subject that deals with the means to discover the various Scientific activities and application. Each of these CBSE experiments will help the students to understand the concepts of Science much better.

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