World Environment Day Essay

500+ Words Essay on World Environment Day

World Environment Day is observed on 5th June every year. Around 143 countries across the globe celebrate this day. World Environment Day was instituted by the United Nations with the objective to minimise human interference on the environment. In 1974, the first World Environment Day was held with the theme “Only One Earth”. Since 1974, the day has been celebrated every year with a specific environmental theme. This essay on World Environment Day will help students become aware of why we celebrate World Environment Day, and what we do on that day. Students can use this essay as a sample essay to improve their writing section for the English exam as well as for any essay competition.

World Environment Day Essay

The environment is the most precious gift to humans on this planet. Today, we need to focus on the importance of the environment, and remind ourselves that nature shouldn’t be taken for granted. World Environment Day is observed worldwide to respect and be grateful for everything that the environment has given to humans, and to take a pledge to protect it.

Why Do We Celebrate World Environment Day?

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June to raise awareness about the environment and prevent further damage caused by human activities. The day also reminds us of various measures and steps to be taken to protect our environment. Every one of us knows that global warming is the main cause that is impacting our environment. Thus, it’s our duty to save and protect the environment. Also, we should stop all types of exploitation activities that are destroying the environment. Moreover, it is a basic need for our survival and for the generations ahead.

What Do We Do on World Environment Day?

On World Environment Day, we participate in various campaigns to spread awareness about environmental protection. Every year, the World Environment Day is celebrated according to a specific theme. Also, there are specific slogans for the theme, so it brings success to the campaign across the globe. Various organisations all across the world come together on environment day to take small steps to improve our future. Schools and offices encourage students and workers to plant trees, clean up the local area/surrounding, etc. These small efforts have a big impact on the environment. To improve environmental conditions, government organisations and leaders come together to fight the problems, and thus help in saving our environment. Some steps taken by the government include strict laws for protecting the environment, such as the Forest Conservation Act 1980, Environment (Protection) Act 1986, etc., and reducing the use of plastics, such as Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules 2021. If we plant more trees, it will curb pollution and help in saving the environment. Spreading awareness among people can also help in reducing pollution, and thus protect the environment.


The idea behind World Environment Day is to create a beautiful world which is free of pollution and scarcity of natural resources. Banning plastics, planting more trees and plants, saving water, recycling, and saving wildlife and animals are some of the steps which lead to a better environment. One should always be conscious of their activities and strive to keep surroundings clean and healthy. We should protect natural resources and use them efficiently and carefully. Together, we can create a beautiful and healthy environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions on World Environment Day


What was the theme for 2021 World Environment Day?

The theme of World Environment Day 2021 was Ecosystem Restoration.


Which country hosted the World Environment Day 2021 event?

Pakistan acted as the global host of World Environment Day 2021.


Under which slogan was World Environment Day celebrated for the first time?

World Environment Day was celebrated for the first time under the slogan “Only One Earth” in 1974.


In which year was the First-time Global 500 awards to environmental champions presented?

The United Nations World Environment Programme (UNEP) presented the first of its Global 500 awards to environmental champions, including Wangari Maathai, in 1987. Till 2003, the awards become the backbone of the World Environment Day celebrations.

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