NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 7

NCERT Exemplar for Class 7 given here contains detailed solutions for all the questions present in the Class 7 NCERT Maths and NCERT Class 7 Science exemplar book. Class 7 NCERT Exemplars have been developed with an intention to guide students in their academics. Students can make use of this Class 7 exemplar to obtain extra knowledge which will help their future studies. NCERT Class 7 Exemplars for Maths and NCERT Class 7 Exemplars for Science includes different types of questions such as

  • MCQ types.
  • Short answer type questions.
  • Long answer type questions.
  • Fill in the blanks questions
  • Match the following questions
  • True or false questions
  • Diagram labeling questions
  • Derivations and numerical problems

In order to facilitate easy learning we at BYJU’S are providing NCERT Exemplar for Class 7 along with their solutions for students. They can quickly go through the solutions and find out the accurate answers. Interested students can either view or download the NCERT Exemplars easily from our website for free.

Find the Class 7 Exemplar Solutions Subject-Wise links below.

To benefit the students in their academics and future learning we are providing NCERT Exemplar for Class 7 along with their solutions for students. Students can find the answers and detailed explanations of Class 7 exemplar problems here.

Benefits of Class 7 NCERT Exemplar Solution

  • Exemplar problems will make you ready for a variety of questions on Class 7 topics.
  • Students get explanations for MCQs, fill in the blanks, true or false questions.
  • Numerical problems are explained in an appropriate and easy way.
  • Answers are written in an easy to understand language
  • Students can stay tuned to BYJU’S to access NCERT exemplars for Classes 6 to 12. We offer exemplars for Maths and Science subjects exclusively.

Stay tuned with BYJU’S to get more NCERT exemplar problems and solutions.



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