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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Economics

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Economics – Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Economics are a vital tool for the students under the CBSE board. Students can prepare most effectively for the exams and also clear doubts they have about any topic from this subject, with the help of these solutions. With the support of BYJU’S study material and solutions of NCERT Social Science Class 9 Book, students can get the answers to all the questions provided in the textbook. These solutions will help them in understanding the concepts in a much better way and to prepare for the examinations, more competently.

These solutions are exceedingly helpful for the exam preparation of students. The faculty who has plenty of experience in the respective subject formulate the solutions so that students can easily frame accurate answers. The solutions strictly stick to the CBSE guidelines and can be expected in the final exams. The basic foundation of the concepts is strengthened among students in order to make it easier during the exam preparation.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Economics

Students will get to know about how the world runs from the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Economics. The GDP, pricing, budgets and foreign connections etc. are related to economics. In the future, if students aspire to opt for subjects from the commerce stream, the NCERT Solutions at BYJU’S will provide you a strong conceptual base. Using these solutions, students can finish their assignments which are given during class hours. The step wise explanations provide students with a clear idea of the concepts which are important from the exam point of view.

Students can solve these questions regularly to understand the concepts thoroughly. We have also provided NCERT Solutions PDF of History, Political Science, Geography and Economics for the students to download and refer for future purpose.

We have compiled above in this table the links to access the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Economics, which will give students an idea about the topics covered in the chapters. These NCERT Solutions for Class 9, when studied meticulously, can help the students in getting rid of all their doubts. These chapter-wise solutions equip the students with the key to unlocking their problem-solving skills. A significant impact can be made on the academic career of students by adopting a suitable learning strategy.

NCERT Solutions Class 9 Economics Chapters Description

Students can grasp the important topics from each chapter using the solutions provided at BYJU’S. The solutions are present in online text and offline PDF format which can be used by the students based on their needs. All the questions present in the NCERT Textbook for Class 9 Social Science are answered in a systematic manner based on the CBSE syllabus and guidelines. Students are recommended to refer to these solutions and understand the way of answering complex questions effortlessly.

Chapter 1: The Story of Village Palampur

Chapter 1 helps students to understand the production of crops and non-farm activities which takes place in various villages. The need for human power and capital for the production of products is discussed in brief in this chapter. The topics covered in this chapter are – organisation of production, crops grown and techniques used and the various non farming activities.

Topics Covered in Class 9 Economics Chapter 1 The Story of Village Palampur :

  • Overview
  • Organization of production
  • Farming in Palampur
  • Non-farm activities in Palampur

Chapter 2: People as Resource

Students will learn about population as an asset for the economy apart from liability. It will also help students understand the purpose of educated humans and their contribution to the society. The concepts explained are – economic activities by men and women, quality of population and unemployment. The answers to the exercise wise questions can be obtained from the NCERT Solutions available at BYJU’S.

Topics Covered in Class 9 Economics Chapter 2 People as Resource :

  • Overview
  • Economic Activities by Men and Women
  • Quality of Population
  • Unemployment

Chapter 3: Poverty as a Challenge

The biggest challenge faced by India i.e. poverty is the main concept explained in this chapter. The rural and urban case of poverty are discussed here in simple language to help students perform well in the annual exam. The important topics covered in this chapter are – poverty line, estimate, global poverty scenario, causes and anti poverty measures. For more knowledge about these topics, students can download the NCERT Solutions designed by the highly experienced faculty.

Topics Covered in Class 9 Economics Chapter 3 Poverty as a Challenge :

  • Overview
  • Two typical cases of Poverty
  • Poverty as seen by Social Scientists
  • Poverty Estimates
  • Vulnerable Groups
  • Interstate Disparities
  • Global Poverty Scenario
  • Causes of Poverty
  • Anti-Poverty measures
  • The Challenges Ahead

Chapter 4: Food Security in India

The food security in India is ensured if all the citizens have sufficient nutritious food, all of them have the capacity to buy food and there is no barrier on access to food. The concepts covered in this chapter are – Green Revolution in India and the National Food Security Act. Students can answer the textbook questions using the NCERT Solutions and understand the method of answering complex questions effortlessly.

Topics Covered in Class 9 Economics Chapter 4 Food Security in India :

  • Overview
  • What is Food Security?
  • Why Food Security?
  • Who are food insecure?
  • Food Security in India
  • What is Buffer Stock?
  • What is the Public Distribution System?
  • Current Status of Public Distribution System
  • Role of Cooperatives in food security

Students can access lots of study materials for easy and smooth learning. Along with the solutions, NCERT books, notes, NCERT Exemplars and more are also provided from the exam point of view. Solving more questions from these materials helps students to gain confidence and at the same time, be well prepared for the exam.

Students can make use of the other reference materials by clicking on the links provided here.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Economics

How many chapters are present in the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Economics?

There are only 4 chapters in NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Economics. It is suggested that students should first have a clear view of the syllabus designed by the CBSE board and then kickstart with their exam preparations. To attain a strong grip over the key concepts, students can refer to NCERT Solutions at BYJU’S. The answers present in these resources are carefully framed by subject matter experts having high experience in the education field.

How are the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Economics important for the students?

The NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Economics help students to comprehend answers to all the textbook questions as per the latest CBSE guidelines. Further, students can get a clear overview of the key topics present in each chapter and help them improve their confidence to ace the board exams. As per the needs, students can access the answers both in online text version and offline as PDF. Moreover, learning these answers which are designed by experts help students to analyse their areas of weakness and can later work on them to improve overall aggregate.

List the merits of using the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Economics of BYJU’S?

The merits of using the BYJU’S NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Economics are listed below:
1. Individual subject matter experts curated the solutions as per the student’s needs.
2. Reasoning type and short answer type questions are answered precisely as per the marks weightage allotted by CBSE.
3. Free download option is available for all solutions PDF.
4. Long answer type of questions are answered in an in-depth manner with high clarity.
5. All the solutions are furnished with concise and up to the point answers.

Can the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Economics be used when revising concepts before an exam?

Yes, the NCERT Solutions at BYJU’S are more concept-focused rather than question focused. This improves the conceptual knowledge and retention for the students. Students can revise all the chapters by simply referring to the chapter-wise solutions provided in both online and offline PDF format to obtain a strong grip on them. Important dates, events and other presentation tricks are highlighted in the answers to help students perform their best in the board exams.

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