Class 10 Science Notes


CBSE class 10 is a very important class for a student because the marks scored in class help one to choose their desired stream in class 11. The stream they choose in class 11th, most of the time decides their career. So it is important that one should study properly in class 10th to score good marks in all the subject.

CBSE class 10 science is one of them where you can score maximum marks, but to score good marks in class 10 science examination one must understand each and every chapter and topic in a detailed way.

Class 10 CBSE science includes some important chapters like; Chemical reactions and equations, Electricity, Magnetic effects of electric current, Acids Bases and Salt, Control and Coordination, Reflection and Refraction of light. Carbon and its compounds and etc.

Here is the unit wise marking scheme of CBSE Class 10th Science.

Sl No Unit Marks
1. Chemical Substance 25
2. World of Living 23
3. Natural Phenomena 12
4. Effects of Currents 16
5. Natural Resources 4
Total 80

Form the above table you can guess how much from which unit you need to study, so it is important that whatever you study you understand that, here at BYJU’S we have provided some class 10 science notes which will help you to understand the topics in a very detailed way.

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