Last 10 Years CBSE Board Papers Class 12 Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the important subjects for the students who opted for science after their class 10th examination. If you are well versed with your chemistry lessons of class 11th and 12th, it will help you to score good marks in competitive examinations like AIEEE (All India Entrance Examination for Engineering), NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Examination). NEET is the only examination for the students who want to pursue a career in medical science. To be well versed with the chemistry lessons and score good marks in class 12 board examination one must solve last 10 years CBSE Board papers class 12 Chemistry.

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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2008

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2012

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Match the following:

Column IColumn II(1). Nonpolar Molecular solids(i) Coulombic or electrostaticforces(2). HBonded Molecular solids(ii). Hbonding(3). Ionic solids(iii). Metallic bonding(4). Weak dispersion forces(iv). Weak dispersion forces(5). Metallic solids(v). dipoledipole interaction.(vi). covalent Bonding.