Class 2 Maths

Class 2 maths textbooks introduce the students to a lot of new and important maths concepts. There are kids who love math, but there are a lot more who say that they hate math. Such children make their perception about the subject saying there is no other subject at school that is so dreadful. It is said that 3 out of 5 students hate or are weak at mathematics because they find it boring and difficult to understand while the rest find it easy and inspiring. When children have the former mindset for math, it can be difficult to remove this “I hate math” mentality from their mind. Understanding these problems, we thought of making grade 2 maths more interesting and exciting and so we introduced a math app that helps students from primary school like class 2 maths to high school math.

Let us first try to understand why do so many class 2 kids dislike grade 2 maths? Here are the top six reasons:

  1. Poor basics: This is one of the reasons for hating math. Math basics need to be strong to understand the further concepts. If the basics are not strong enough, kids start disliking math as they are unaware of the concepts and solving tactics.
  2. Math teachers: Finding a suitable teacher is a great challenge. Teaching mathematics in a less enthusiastic way makes the class boring and kids become less active which eventually leads them to hate maths.
  3. Calculations are time-consuming: The process of solving a problem starts with reading the problem, trying to understand it, recalling the formula, and finally solving it. If it is a long method, then the calculations will also be lengthy which could lead to some answer that is either correct or wrong!
  4. Many formulas and different methods: There are some subjects like science or social studies whose topics can be taught in a storytelling way. But in mathematics, there are no stories to share with the students apart from some formulas. This tends to divert students’ minds and hence they fail to get engaged in the concepts.
  5. Tuition and homework: There are times when teachers are incompetent and not paying heed to the problems of each kid individually. Therefore, parents believe in extra coaching classes. Also, admitting kids to coaching classes does not ensure that children will start loving math.

2nd standard maths plays a major role as it teaches the basics of mathematics. Kids need to make their math basics strong and should have a great grip over it. We provide math courses online with the expert teachers from across India. They engage the class with creative 3D/animated images, videos to keep the class lively. Also, to make the concepts strong kids can take up chapter wise practice test and participate in math quiz. Below is the CBSE class 2 syllabus that we cover in the course:














Shapes and Patterns




Ordinal numbers





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