Motion and Measurement of Distances Class 6 notes - Chapter 10

What is Motion?

The term motion can be simply defined as the process of moving, or an object changing its place or a position. Running, walking, throwing, Jumping, bouncing are all examples of motion.

Types of Motion

There are four main types of motion.

  1. Linear motion – A motion in a straight line is called the linear motion.
  2. Curvilinear motion – A motion on a curved path is called the curvilinear motion.
  3. Circular motion- A motion on a circular path is called the circular motion.
  4. Periodic motion- A motion which recurs after every fixed interval of time is called the Periodic motion.

What is Measurement?

The method of comparing the known quantity with an unknown quantity is called the measurement. For example – Measuring the height and length of a table.

Standard Unit of Measurement

The Standard Unit of Measurement was introduced to maintain the uniformity in measurements.

The SI Unit or the International System of Units is the most widely used system of measurement in the world, which is based on the MKS or Meter-Kilogram-Second System. According to the SI system, the unit of force is Newton, length is the meter and mass is a kilogram .

Important Questions

  1. What is the SI Unit?
  2. How to express the distance into km.
  3. What is motion? Explain with its types and examples.
  4. Give examples of different modes of transport used by us.
  5. What Is Measurement? Explain with its types and examples.

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