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Measurements of length and distance are done in many ways. Did you know that you can use the average human body to measure? For example, the foot (literally the length measurement of an average human foot) is around 25 – 30 cm. This unit of measurement is still in use nowadays. We also use units like inches and yards which are still in use but they are not the standard units of length measurements.

What Is Distance?

Distance is defined as the product of speed and time and it can be represented as follows:



  • d is the distance travelled in m
  • t is the time taken to cover the distance in s
  • s is the speed in m.s-1

Metric Units of Distance

Most commonly used units of measurement of length are:

  • Millimetre
  • Centimetre
  • Metre
  • Kilometre

Following is the table explaining the relationship between all these units:

Abbreviation Full form Equivalent
mm millimetre 10mm = 1cm
1000mm = 1m
cm centimetre 100cm = 1m
m metre 1000m = 1km
km kilometre 1000m = 1km

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Watch the video and find out how the distance between the earth and the sun is measured?

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What is meant by distance?

Distance is the total movement of an object without considering the direction.

What is the formula to find the distance?

The distance is given by the formula: d=s*t.


What are common units to measure length?

Common units to measure length are:
  • Millimetre
  • Centimetre
  • Metre
  • Kilometre
  • Q4

    How many centimetres is equal to one meter?

    100cm = 1m.

    State true or false: 10mm = 1cm.

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