Unit of Force

The advancement of the metric system is a basic state of the presently used accepted unit system that is the International System of Units. This idea was first postulated by German mathematician Gauss. He united metric units with the French unit system to create a complete system of unit for mechanics. After then it was extended for magnetism and electricity. The International System of Units provides us the SI model system. It comprises of seven dimensionally independent basic units and numerous derived units which are derivative of the seven fundamental units.There are also other unit systems like MKS system, CGS system, FPS system, etc. Here, this post will discuss the unit of force in numerous systems of units. We are familiar that force is the effect which changes the location of the object. It is chiefly influenced by the mass and acceleration of the body.

What Unit is Used to Measure Force?


Sir Isaac Newton has established the subsequent formula relating to the mass and acceleration of a body when it is subjected to force. The formula is articulated as,

F = ma

the acceleration it gains when subjected to force F is a
the mass of the object is m

Force also has a unit, like any other quantity. The magnitude of force can be made use of in diverse types of units founded on different systems of measurements. Before we go into those details, let us do the fundamental dimensional breakdown to find what basic unit is used to measure force. As per definition, force, F = ma. Thus, the unit of force must comprise of the basic physical dimensions. That is,


Force Units

The basic unit of force in terms of physical dimensions is MLT -2. In a practical sense, we refer to the weight of an object rather than its mass. Hence, we can amend the basic unit of force as, 

F = (W/g)LT-2

W is the weight of the object
g is the acceleration due to gravity

Therefore, the unit of forces are categorized into two systems called absolute system and gravitational system. The measurement of forces in absolute systems is not dependent on gravitational force while, measurement of forces in gravitational system is reliant on gravitational forces. Hence, the measures of forces in gravitational system vary on other planets compared to earth.

It may be easily acknowledged that,

unit in the gravitational system = unit in absolute system times acceleration due to gravity.
Essentially, we can express the Unit of Measurement of Force in subsequent ways :

  1. FPS unit of force
  2. Metric unit of force
  3. S.I unit of force
  4. Newton unit of force

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