Unit of Magnetic Field

When we talk about the magnetic field, there are different types of units used to measure it. Basically, there are two systems of units based on the metric system that is used: the SI unit and CGS units. Thus, we will look at the unit of magnetic field below.

SI Unit of Magnetic Field

Generally, the magnetic field can be defined in several specific ways in relation to the effect it has on the environment. Accordingly, we have the B-field and the H-field. B-field is a type of magnetic field which is defined by the force it exerts on a moving charged particle whereas H-field is similar to B-field expect when they are inside a material. However, they are measured differently.

In SI System:

  • B is measured in teslas represented as T.
  • Whereas the H-field is measured in amperes per metre (A/m).

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Other Common Units

Some other common unit of Magnetic Field is given below:

  • Apart from the SI system, the B-field in Gaussian-CGS system is measured with the unit gauss (G).
  • If we look at the conversion it is 1 T = 10000 G.
  • Meanwhile, the H-field is measured with the help of oersteds (Oe) in the CGS system.

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