CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12 Chemistry

CBSE class 12 sample papers with solutions for Chemistry has been released at our website, helping students get a better insight into the question paper pattern. The syllabus of these sample papers has been designed by a group of experts comprising previous year CBSE board question papers and complete CBSE Class 12 Syllabus.

Chemistry is a subject that has a vast syllabus comprising of hundreds of equations, chemical reactions, and processes. It is quite a difficult task to learn every nook and corner of the textbook in Chemistry. So, it becomes important to do a lot of practice so that the student gets to know the type of questions that will be asked. An advantage of preparing well for class 12 Chemistry exam is that the student will get an edge over others when giving competitive exams like JEE, AIPMT, etc. Hence, for a good amount of practice, answering sample papers is a necessity.

Download sample papers prepared by experts at Byju’s by including the entire CBSE class 12 Chemistry syllabus and try to solve every question. If you find difficulty at any level, talk to our experts anytime and clear all your doubts. It is advised that students practice on a daily basis with these sample papers.

Importance of CBSE class 12 Chemistry Sample Paper

For Class 12 CBSE students Chemistry is a vast subject. The syllabus is divided into three sections – Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. Most of the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry sample paper have questions based on topics and are frequently asked in the board exams.

  1. Class 12 CBSE Chemistry sample paper will give the students an idea about the exam pattern and the level of questions asked.
  2. By working on the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry sample paper the students can scale their preparation level and work on their weak points.
  3. It will also help in the time-management skill of the student so that at the exam they can complete the paper on time.
  4. By solving the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry sample paper students can get an idea about the difficulty level of the paper and on which topics to focus more.
  5. It will also give the students a brief knowledge about what kind of formulas are repeatedly asked so that the students can by hand those formulas.

Practise This Question

Lavoisier was trying to find out if a particular solid solute X was soluble in water or not. He found that 0.01 grams of X was dissolving in 100 ml of water.
He then said: X is soluble in water.