Physics MCQs

Physics multiple choice question tests can be a simple and effective way to objectively measure the level of learning. MCQs can be evaluated quickly, giving learners objective feedback about the topics. Apart from this, a concise MCQ can be much more than just testing facts and could measure different dynamic cognitive abilities. Multiple choice questions are very effective in examining different degrees of learning, from basic fact-checking to analysis, application, and assessment. Fundamentally, solving multiple choice questions helps students to go deeper into core concepts and apply the core ideas to solve complex applied problems. Physics is a very technical subject that demands continuous practice and deep understanding. Application and objective questions are the most common type of multiple choice questions in physics. An MCQ has the main question problem or question statement and a list of probable answers that consists of a number of incorrect answers along with the right answer. Students solve the question by analysing the given options.

Over 10,000+ physics MCQs with comprehensive solutions are there in the BYJU’S physics MCQ online library. It covers physics questions of class 12, class 11, class 10, and class 9. It also covers all the physics chapters and topics in NCERT and state board syllabuses. We have exclusively created questions that are refined from exam-oriented topics in the K12 syllabuses. A student should spend at least 60 minutes per day solving these questions. Physics is a very technical subject that demands continuous practice and deep understanding. It will help not only to understand the topics better but also help to crack competitive entrance exams, board exams, quizzes, viva-voce, professional courses, and interviews. Almost every undergraduate and postgraduate entrance exam for top Universities and institutions is based on multiple choice examinations.

Here is the list of class-wise multiple choice questions (MCQs) on various core physics concepts to help you understand the topics in detail.

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