CBSE Important Questions for Class 9 Science

CBSE Important Questions for Class 9 Science play an important role in students preparation. It gives an idea of what types of questions can be framed in the examination. It also develops skills for miscellaneous questions which are generally neglected by students. Practising CBSE important questions for Class 9 Science will boost the confidence of the students.

Science is a subject which needs conceptual understanding. Just mugging up the answer will not fulfil the purpose. So, while solving the CBSE Class 9 important questions Science students must grasp the concept. Apart from this, they should also understand the answer writing skill in a better way. They should draw the diagram and write the formulas wherever it is required while answering. This will help them fetch more marks in exams.

CBSE Important Questions for Class 9 Science

Student must start solving the important question once they are completed with the CBSE Class 9 Science syllabus at least 2 months before the annual exam. Here we have provided the chapter wise CBSE important questions for Class 9 Science. These questions are created from exam perspective and are most likely to be asked in the exam.

CBSE Class 9 Science Marking Scheme

The table below shows the weightage of types of questions asked in the exam. Go through it to know the class 9 science exam pattern in detail. We have included all these types in the important questions so that students do not miss anything.

Types of Questions Total No. of Questions Marks per Question
Objective Type 20 1
Short Answers 10 3
Long Answers 06 5

Benefits of Important CBSE Question for Class 9 Science

CBSE important questions for Class 9 Science gives a competitive edge to the students. Here are the benefits of studying through these important questions:

  • Student will revise everything and cover the entire syllabus.
  • The questions are created by the subject experts exclusively for the exams.
  • There are high chances that some of these questions will be asked in the exam.
  • Student will have a god practice of different types of questions and will be well prepared for the science paper.

We hope students have found this information on “CBSE Important Question for Class 9 Science” useful for their studies. CBSE Class 9 students can also access CBSE Class 9 Science sample papers, solutions, exam tips, projects, etc from BYJU’S website.

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