CBSE Science Projects for Class 6

Science projects for Class 6

Most of us are aware of the fact that Science is what we encounter in practically every area of our daily lives. The word Science is not restricted to just Classrooms or laboratories. Children are often curious about Scientific findings happening around them, which expands or widens their mental horizons.  They question the latest findings by asking the what, why and how aspects of Scientific experiment outcomes. So, here for the students to learn more about these Science, we have compiled in this article the CBSE Class 6 Science projects.

If you want your children to develop a solid understanding of scientific concepts, the best way to do so would be to motivate them to get engaged in simple Scientific projects for school goers that could be tried at home using some materials in your household. Here are some CBSE Science projects provided below for Class VI students from various domains of Science like Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Science projects for Class 6

How to Grow Crystals of Salt

Students could grow salt crystals by themselves with this simple and interesting project. They could also do further biological researches on microbes and so on, using a microscope after the completion of the project.
Science projects for Class 6

Make a Model Hand

Most of us are aware of the fact that muscles play a large role in the functioning of our body and to portray this, we would develop a hand model showing its inner workings like how muscles and tendons coordinate.
Science projects for Class 6

Horizontal Motion

It has been a probing question for students of Physics worldwide, as to how the vertical and horizontal projectile motion works. The question remains as to which bullet would land first a bullet fired from a gun to the top or the one fired directly to the ground. Let us discuss the horizontal motion over here.
Science projects for Class 6

Make a Wind Vane

Students would be curious to know as to which direction the wind is blowing and what sort of instrument would be apt to find the wind direction as most people are not bothered by them.

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