How to Make a Hand Model

Hand Model

Things Needed


  • String



  • Pencil or Pen



  • Scissors



  • A card piece the size of your hand



How to Make


  • Place the card piece under your hand and sketch the outline it using a pencil or pencil.



  • Once the hand is sketched, cut the paper in a shape resembling the hand using the scissors.



  • Cut the string into five pieces that would have the same length as your hand.



  • Connect the string to every tip of every finger and the palm base. Attach the string to the card at the same place where there are joints in the fingers, including the thumb.



  • Try to pull the strings at the palm base and see the changes.



What Happens Next?

From your observation, you would have noticed that muscles are built mainly for the purpose of contraction and expansion and it is a highly important task. Students would realize that every movement they make is made by the muscular system of the human body, which includes a simple smile to a heavy lifting of weights.

The muscles inside the forearm contain long tendons that run through the ligament fibres, also called the carpal tunnel within the wrist. The coordination of these muscles helps us to stretch even while showing a thumbs-up. This would be the result of pulling the strings in the model hand.


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