CBSE New Rules For Class 10

The CBSE board was introduced by the government of India and it has become a popular for certain extent because of its comprehensive syllabus pattern. It is designed to support both the higher and intermediate level of education. Every year the changes are made by the CBSE board either in the examination pattern or in the marking procedure. This year it has introduced the new rules for class 10.

As per the CBSE new rules for class 10 the marking scheme has been declined from various sections to two sections. In this new system, the 80 marks of the exam which will be major will be handled by the board and other 20 marks will be considered as internal marks and it will be issued by their respective schools. This new rules will be brought into existence from the new academic year- 2017-18.

Practise This Question

A mathematician trying to cross a street happened to witness a bank robbery. When the police questioned him, he stated that the number plate of the van in which the thieves escaped had its last four digits as follows:
The first digit is 5. The last digit is the square of the second digit. The third digit is twice the second digit. Also he noticed the sum of digits to be “9”. What is the quadratic equation that the police need to frame to find the 2nd digit, given that ‘b’ is the second digit?