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In physics, hc is a physical constant, where h is Planck’s constant. It is the physical constant that relates the energy carried by a single photon to its corresponding frequency. The velocity of light in the vacuum is represented by c. Here h and c are constant. Hence they are combined to give the value of hc. The value of this physical constant is expressed using eVm or Jm.

hc value

The value of hc has got prime importance in quantum mechanics. The individual values are taken into the product to give hc value. The value of hc in eVm and the values of hc in Jm are given below-

Value of hc In Joules hc = 1.98644568×10-25 J.m
Value of hc In Metre-Kilogram-Second(MKS) units hc = 1.23984193×10-6 eV.m
Value of hc in terms of Ep.lp 2 pi


The value of hc is used in various applications in various forms that include Planck’s equation. The list below gives a brief insight into the application of the value of hc-

  • In Black body radiation, the spectral radiance is expressed per wavelength given by-
    \(\begin{array}{l}B_{\lambda }\left ( \lambda ,T \right )=\frac{2hc ^{2}}{\lambda ^{5}}\frac{1}{e^{\frac{hc} {\lambda k_{B}T}}-1}\end{array} \)
  • In atomic structure, the energy of the nth orbit is given by-
    \(\begin{array}{l}E_{n}=-\frac{hc_{0}R_{\infty }}{n^{2}}\end{array} \)

Hope the value of the value along with the SI unit is clear to you now.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

The velocity of light in the vacuum is represented by which alphabet?

The velocity of light in the vacuum is represented by the alphabet ‘c’.

What is the value of hc in Joules?

hc = 1.98644568×10-25 J.m.

How is the energy of nth orbit represented in atomic structure?

\(\begin{array}{l}E_{n}=-\frac{hc_{0}R_{\infty }}{n^{2}}\end{array} \)

What is the value of hc in Metre-Kilogram-Second (MKS) units?

hc = 1.23984193×10-6 eV.m

What is the value of Planck’s constant?

Value of Planck’s constant is h = 6.6260715*10-34 J.s

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