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Volume measures capacity. So the unit of volume is basically a unit for measuring the capacity or the extent of an object or space. The unit is mostly used to specify the volume of goods or a liquid (fluids). However, students should keep in mind that mass and volume are yet two different physical quantities. While this is an interesting topic, let’s have a look at what units are used all over the world below.

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SI Unit of Volume

Talking about the SI Unit of volume it is measured in cubic metre or m3 incorporating the three-dimensional use of the base unit of length which is metre. Where 1 m3 = 1 m • 1 m • 1 m. However, the widely used metric unit for volume is the litre. In addition to this, standard metric prefixes are used to highlight large or small volume measures. Often, millilitre (ml) is also used as a unit for measuring volume.

SI Unit of Volume

Other Volume Units

There are also a few other units that are used to depict the volume. These include the British system of measurements like barrels, drams, gills, bushels, and pecks, amongst others. However, some of the more standard units used in the British system are the cubic inch or cubic foot and the gallon.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What is volume?

Volume is a scalar entity describing the quantity of three-dimensional space in a closed surface.


What is the unit of volume?

Cubic metre.


What are the units of volume in the British system?

The units of volume in the British system are the cubic foot or cubic inch and the gallon.


What is mass?

Mass is the amount of matter in a physical body.


What is the unit of mass?

Kilogram (kg).

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