Uses of LED

Uses of LED

The major uses of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are to illuminate objects and even places. Its application is everywhere due to its compact size, low consumption of energy, extended lifetime, and flexibility in terms of use in various applications.

Applications and uses of LEDs can be seen in:

  • TV Backlighting
  • Smartphone Backlighting
  • LED displays
  • Automotive Lighting
  • Dimming of lights
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The uses and functions of LEDs depend upon the place where they are used, some examples are mentioned below:

LEDs used for TV Backlighting

A TV’s backlight is the major power-consuming source. Uses of LEDs can give an efficient power reduction. on the edges of the TV, using an LED will be a cost reduction choice. Using LEDs directly behind the display provides better contrast. When it comes to TV backlighting, LEDs have taken the place of CFLs and LCDs.

It is used for Smartphone Backlighting

The backlight design of the smartphone may be slimmer and less expensive thanks to the usage of LED. The price of LEDs may vary according to the size of the smartphone display. They provide greater battery life due to the lower output voltage.

Uses of LED in Displays

LED display boards are common these days and are used outdoors like storage signs, billboards, road signs, etc. In sign boards, which have multiple languages conveying signals, the use of more LEDs will be beneficial in terms of less power consumption.

These are used in Automotives

The Use of LEDs in the automotive industry is growing. With LEDs, energy is saved and there is clearer visibility. These are extensively used in the back and rear of an automobile for better accessibility. LED lighting can improve the safety of pedestrians and drivers as it enhances visibility when it is ON, OFF, and dimmed in any part of the journey.

LEDs used in Dimming of Lights

Few LED applications include dimming of lights which helps in reducing energy consumption.

This dimming feature is also used in Appliances where it is of two types.

Global Dimming where all LEDs are dimmed together.

Local Dimming where LEDs are dimmed independently.

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Uses of Diode


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What is meant by a semiconductor?

A semiconductor is a material that possesses electrical conductivity between an insulator and a conductor. Semiconductors are used in the production of different types of electronic devices, including transistors, integrated circuits and diodes.

What is a diode?

A diode is an electrical device that allows the flow of charges (current) in only one direction. A diode is denoted by a triangle symbol with a single line across one vertex.

What is the full form of an LED?

Light-emitting diode is the full form of LED.

What are the common uses of LEDs?

LEDs are used in TV backlighting, smartphone backlighting, LED displays, automotive lighting, etc.

Give a few examples of LED displays.

LED display boards are common nowadays. These are used in storage signs, road signs, billboards, etc.
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