Relation Between eV And Joule

Electron volt in short eV is the unit of energy. Joule is a derived unit of energy in the International System of units or SI units. The relation Between eV And Joule is proportionate. A change in the value of eV will change the Joule equivalent value in the same proportion.

eV Joule Conversion

eV and Joule are the units of energy in two different systems. Their equivalence can be mathematically expressed as-

1eV = 1.602×10-19 J


  • eV is electron volt
  • J is Joule
Definition Formula Symbol

Electron volt

1 electron volt is the energy change that takes place when a charge equal to 1 electron (1.6×10-19C) is moved through a potential difference of 1 volt. 1eV = 1.602×10-19 J eV


1 Joule is the work done or energy transferred on an object when a force of 1 newton acts on it in the direction of its motion along a distance of 1 meter. 1 J = 6.2415×1018 eV J

eV to Joule

The eV Joule Conversion is very important in solving problems in physics. Below is the table of eV to Joule conversion-

Energy in eV Energy in joules
1 eV 1.60218×10-19 J
2 eV 3.2044 ×10-19 J
3 eV 4.8065×10-19 J
4 eV 6.4087×10-19 J
5 eV 8.0109×10-19 J
6 eV 9.6131×10-19 J
7 eV 1.1215×10-18 J
8 eV 1.2817×10-17 J
9 eV 1.442×10-18 J
10 eV 1.6022×10-18 J
50 eV 8.0109×10-18 J
100 eV 1.6022×10-17 J
500 eV 8.0109×10-17 J
1000 eV 1.6022×10-16 J

Joule to eV

The eV Joule Conversion is very important in solving problems related to electric charge in physics. Below is the table of Joule to eV conversion-

Energy in Joules Energy in eV
1 J 6.242×1018 eV
2 J 1.248×1019 eV
3 J 1.872×1019 eV00
4 J 2.497×1019 eV
5 J 3.121e×1019 eV
6 J 3.745×1019 eV
7 J 4.369×1019 eV
8 J 4.993×1019 eV
9 J 5.617×1019 eV
10 J 6.242×1019 eV
50 J 3.121×1020 eV
100 J 6.242×1020 eV
500 J 3.121×1021 eV
1000 J 6.242×1021 eV

Hope you have understood the relation between eV and joule also eV joule conversion.

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