Value Of Boltzmann Constant

In thermodynamics, Boltzmann constant is the physical constant relating average kinetic energy of the gas particles and temperature of the gas represented by k or kB. The value of Boltzmann constant is measured using J/K or m2Kgs-2K-1. Boltzmann constant is one of the seven defining constants that have been given exact definitions. It is mostly observed in Boltzmann’s entropy formula and Planck’s law of Black body radiation.

Value Of k

The values of Boltzmann constant is obtained by dividing gas constant R by Avogadro’s number NA. The value of k or kB is

Boltzmann constant k or kB = 1.3806452 × 10-23 J/K.

Value Of Boltzmann Constant In eV

The value of Boltzmann constant in eV is 8.6173303 × 10-5 eV/K

The value of Boltzmann constant can be expressed in various units. The table given below comprises of the value of k along with different units.

Value Of k Units
1.3806452 × 10-23 m2.Kg.s-2.K-1
8.6173303 × 10-5 eV.K-1
1.38064852 × 10-16 erg.K-1

Boltzmann Constant

The Boltzmann constant is introduced by Max Planck and named after Ludwig Boltzmann. It is a physical constant obtained by taking the ratio of two constants, namely gas constant and Avogadro number.

Boltzmann constant Formula

The behaviour of gases made to understand a step closer by Planck and Boltzmann by introducing constants. Boltzmann constant is mathematically expressed as-

\(\begin{array}{l}k=\frac{R}{N_{A}}\end{array} \)


  • K is Boltzmann’s constant.
  • NA is Avogadro number.
  • R is the gas constant.

Hope you got to know the value of Boltzmann constant or value of k or value of kb in different units along with the Boltzmann Constant formula, definition in Physics.

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