Difference Between KVA and KW

There is a noticeable difference between KVA and KW even though both are used to represent electric current. These units are power ratings used in every measuring instruments for measuring the current characteristics. Both the units are used to express power and are abbreviation of kilovolt amperes and kilowatts.

Difference Between KVA and KW

KVA is used to represent apparent power and KW is used to represent real power of a electrical system. Its usage differs in electrical circuits because of the difference between AC and DC circuits. When considering a DC circuit, the kw and kva are equal because the current do not get out of phase. But, when considering an AC circuit, we could find out several differences.

For solving real power, we need a nebulus value which varies depending on electrical appliances. It is called power factor, its values is given as 0 and 1 or percentage. The closer the power factor to unity, more the efficiency of any device regarding electricity usage. The relation between a kva and kw and power factor is kva=kw/power factor. And in DC circuit, power factor is unity. Therefore, kw=kva.

Difference Between KVA and KW



It is used to represent apparent power

It is used to represent actual power

Both kind of power is equal in DC circuits

Both kind of power are different in AC circuits

A fraction of kva is accessed to do work and the rest is considered excess in current

It shows the actual power which does the valid work

Its full form is kilovolt amperes

Its full form is kilowatts

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