Why Do We Need To Manage Our Natural Resources

Energy is required for the evolution of life forms on earth. We obtain energy from different sources. The natural resources that we use today are the prime source of energy for day-to-day activities of humans, without which we would still be lurking around in the Stone Age. In this article, we will discuss why there is a need to manage and conserve our natural resources.

Natural Resources

Need to Manage Natural Resources

Here are the reasons why we need to manage our natural resources:

  • Everything that we use today – food, clothes, house, vehicles, fuel, notebooks, furniture, cooking gas, utensils, toys, roads, etc. are obtained from resources on the earth.
  • A significant portion of the energy which we use today is obtained from the non-renewable sources. This implies that once they are used up, they cannot be replenished.The most important source of non-renewable energy used extensively is the fossil fuels which have taken millions of years to be formed.
  • Human population is increasing at a tremendous rate. With the population explosion, there is more demand for land, food, fuel, etc. To overcome the growing needs of the present generation, the demand for the resources is increasing exponentially. You might have read about the forests being cut down to meet the demand for housing.
  • If we use our natural resources at the present rate, the future generations would not be left with any of them. For example, the fossil fuels may not last for the coming generations, and will take another few millions of years to be formed.
  • Management of the natural resources would lead to a proper distribution and equal benefits from the resources, instead of being concentrated in the hands of a few.
  • Managing the resources would not only ensure its rational use but also put a limit to the degradation it is causing to the environment. For example, the usage of resources in different forms generates a lot of waste which is being disposed off into the water bodies. This, in turn, is polluting the rivers and lakes. Limiting the usage will also reduce the waste generation and pollution.

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