Conservation of Natural Resources: Environment


Natural resources are the parts of the environment that are highly important to humans, whether they are in one form or the other. Natural resources are available in nature itself, and humans have no say in making them.  Some examples of natural resources are Air, water, coal, animals, plants, natural gas, sunlight, etc. A lot of highly important products can be received through natural resources. Some examples are mentioned below:

  • Air is used for the generation of wind energy
  • Animals are used for the production of food, clothes (wool, silk), etc.
  • Coal is used for the production of electricity
  • Plants are used for the production of food, paper, wood, etc.
  • Water is used for drinking, cleaning, hydroelectricity, etc.
  • Sunlight is used for photosynthesis, solar power, etc

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Conservation Of Natural Resources: Environment

The modern lifestyle and the advance in technology have had a very bad impact on natural resources. Natural resources like coal and petroleum are depleting at a very fast rate, and once they are depleted, we will have to depend on other sources of energy.  Therefore, it is very necessary for us humans to act in a way that ensures the conservation of natural resources. There are thousands of ways of conserving natural resources. The main idea of conservation is to use natural resources with optimization, and do not waste any natural resources.  All you have to do is to act according to the situation so that the use of natural resources is minimal. For instance, using bicycles or walking sometimes saves a lot of fuel. Using public transport (city buses and metro trains) also helps in saving a lot of oil. Saving water while bathing, cleaning, etc. helps in water conservation.

Fossil fuels are the fuels that are obtained from the remains of dead organisms. Some examples of fossil fuels are Coal, Natural gas, oil. Since the quantity of fossil fuels is not unlimited in nature, they are not going to last forever. If we continue to use them, or rather waste them like the way we are doing now, they will soon get depleted. Some ways of conservation of fossil fuels are already taken care of. Several countries have started using green energy – hydropower and solar power. Power can be generated using water, or sunlight, or wind, and this saves a lot of precious fossil fuels like coal.

Environment and Natural resources are precious, and we must all make efforts to conserve them. To learn more about the conservation of natural resources get connected to BYJU’S classes.

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