Living World MCQs

Living organisms are formed of several organic as well as inorganic biomolecules. The inorganic molecules comprise water and minerals, while the organic molecules comprise sugars, amino acids, etc. These biomolecules play a major role in metabolism.

The living world is classified on the basis of their morphological features. This system of classification is called taxonomy. They are given different scientific names for their identification.

MCQs on Living World

1. A group of plants and animals with similar traits of any rank is

  1. Taxon
  2. Species
  3. Genus
  4. Order

2. Which is less general in characters as compared to genus?

  1. Family
  2. Division
  3. Class
  4. Species

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3. What is the correct sequence?

  1. Genus-species-order-kingdom
  2. Species-order-phylum-kingdom
  3. Species-genus-order-phylum
  4. Kingdom-phylum-class-order

4. Metabolism refers to

  1. Release of energy
  2. Gain of energy
  3. Catabolism
  4. Gain or release of energy

5. What is nomenclature?

  1. Genus name is written after species
  2. Genus and species names are written in italics
  3. Genus and species have the same name
  4. The first letter of genus and species name is capital

6. The term phylum was coined by

  1. Linnaeus
  2. Cuvier
  3. Haeckel
  4. Theophrastus

7. Binomial nomenclature was given by

  1. Linnaeus
  2. Hugo De Vries
  3. John Ray
  4. Huxley

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8. Species found in different geographical locations are called

  1. Sympatric species
  2. Allopatric species
  3. Sibling species
  4. Morphospecies

9. What is a homonym?

  1. Identical name of two different taxa
  2. Two or more names of same taxon
  3. Name given to a taxon in local language
  4. Species name repeats the generic name

10. The biologically cohesive unit of taxa is

  1. Phylum
  2. Order
  3. Genus
  4. Species

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11. The scientific name of mango is

  1. Mangifera indica
  2. Mangifera Indica
  3. Mangifera indica
  4. Mangifera Indica

12. Nicotiana is a ————-

  1. Species
  2. Sub-species
  3. Genus
  4. Class

13. Energy flow and energy transformation in a living system follow

  1. Biogenetic law
  2. Law of thermodynamics
  3. Law of limiting factor
  4. Liebig’s law of minimum

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14. Energy transformation is never 100% efficient because of

  1. Catabolism
  2. Entropy
  3. Homeostasis
  4. Anabolism

15. The defining characteristic of living beings is

  1. They reproduce
  2. They can digest their food
  3. They respond to external stimuli
  4. They regenerate

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Answer key

1- a 2- d 3- d 4- d 5- b 6- c 7- a 8- b
9- a 10- d 11- c 12- c 13- b 14- b 15- c

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