MCQs On Carbohydrates

1) Which of the following Biomolecules simply refers to as “Staff of life”?

(a) Lipids

(b) Proteins

(c) Vitamins

(d) Carbohydrates

Sol: (d) Carbohydrates.

2) Which of the following is the simplest form of carbohydrates?

(a) Carboxyl groups

(b) Aldehyde and Ketone groups

(c) Alcohol and Carboxyl groups

(d) Hydroxyl groups and Hydrogen groups

Sol: (b) Aldehyde and Ketone groups.

3) Which of the following monosaccharides is the majority found in the human body?

(a) D-type

(b) L-type

(c) LD-types

(d) None of the above

Sol: (a) D-type.

4) Which of the following is the most abundant biomolecule on the earth?

(a) Lipids

(b) Proteins

(c) Carbohydrates

(d) Nucleic acids.

Sol: (c) Carbohydrates.

5) Which of the following are the major functions of Carbohydrates?

(a) Storage

(b) Structural framework

(c) Transport Materials

(d) Both Storage and structural framework

Sol: (d) Both Storage and structural framework.

6) Which of the following is the general formula of Carbohydrates?

(a) (C4H2O)n

(b) (C6H2O)n

(c) (CH2O)n

(d) (C2H2O)n COOH

Sol: (c) (CH2O)n.

7) Which of the following is the smallest carbohydrate – triose?

(a) Ribose

(b) Glucose

(c) Glyceraldehyde

(d) Dihydroxyacetone

Sol: (c) Glyceraldehyde.

8) Which of the following is a reducing sugar?

(a) Dihydroxyacetone

(b) Erythrulose

(c) Glucose

(d) All of the above

Sol: (c) Glucose.

9) Which of the following is an example of Epimers?

(a) Glucose and Ribose

(b) Glucose and Galactose

(c) Galactose, Mannose and Glucose

(d) Glucose, Ribose and Mannose

Sol: (b) Glucose and Galactose

10) Which of the following has reducing properties?

(a) Mucic acid

(b) Glucaric acid

(c) Gluconic acid

(d) Glucuronic acid

Sol: (d) Glucuronic acid.

11) Molisch test is used for _________.

(a) Lipids

(b) Proteins

(c) Mucoproteins

(d) Flavoproteins

Sol: (c) Mucoproteins.

12) What is Turanose?

(a) 7-methyl sugar

(b) A deoxy sugars

(c) Non reducing disaccharide

(d) Reducing disaccharides of glucose and fructose

Sol: (d) Reducing disaccharides of glucose and fructose

13) Which of the following does not have sulphuric acid groups?

(a) Heparin

(b) Kerato sulfate

(c) Hyaluronic acid

(d) Chondroitin sulfate

Sol: (c) Hyaluronic acid.

14) Digitonin is a _________.

(a) Lipid

(b) Protein

(c) Glycoside

(d) Alkaloid

Sol: (c) Glycoside.

15) Which of the following is the simplest carbohydrate?

(a) Gulose

(b) Glucose

(c) Dihydroxyacetone

(d) Glyceraldehyde

Sol: (d) Glyceraldehyde.

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