MCQs On Carbohydrates

1) Which of the following Biomolecules simply refers to as “Staff of life”?

(a) Lipids

(b) Proteins

(c) Vitamins

(d) Carbohydrates

Sol: (d) Carbohydrates.

2) Which of the following is the simplest form of carbohydrates?

(a) Carboxyl groups

(b) Aldehyde and Ketone groups

(c) Alcohol and Carboxyl groups

(d) Hydroxyl groups and Hydrogen groups

Sol: (b) Aldehyde and Ketone groups.

3) Which of the following monosaccharides is the majority found in the human body?

(a) D-type

(b) L-type

(c) LD-types

(d) None of the above

Sol: (a) D-type.

4) Which of the following is the most abundant biomolecule on the earth?

(a) Lipids

(b) Proteins

(c) Carbohydrates

(d) Nucleic acids.

Sol: (c) Carbohydrates.

5) Which of the following are the major functions of Carbohydrates?

(a) Storage

(b) Structural framework

(c) Transport Materials

(d) Both Storage and structural framework

Sol: (d) Both Storage and structural framework.

6) Which of the following is the general formula of Carbohydrates?

(a) (C4H2O)n

(b) (C6H2O)n

(c) (CH2O)n

(d) (C2H2O)n COOH

Sol: (c) (CH2O)n.

7) Which of the following is the smallest carbohydrate – triose?

(a) Ribose

(b) Glucose

(c) Glyceraldehyde

(d) Dihydroxyacetone

Sol: (c) Glyceraldehyde.

8) Which of the following is a reducing sugar?

(a) Dihydroxyacetone

(b) Erythrulose

(c) Glucose

(d) All of the above

Sol: (d) All of the above.

9) Which of the following is an example of Epimers?

(a) Glucose and Ribose

(b) Glucose and Galactose

(c) Galactose, Mannose and Glucose

(d) Glucose, Ribose and Mannose

Sol: (b) Glucose and Galactose

10) Which of the following has reducing properties?

(a) Mucic acid

(b) Glucaric acid

(c) Gluconic acid

(d) Glucuronic acid

Sol: (d) Glucuronic acid.

11) Molisch test is used for _________.

(a) Lipids

(b) Proteins

(c) Mucoproteins

(d) Flavoproteins

Sol: (c) Mucoproteins.

12) What is Turanose?

(a) 7-methyl sugar

(b) A deoxy sugars

(c) Non reducing disaccharide

(d) Reducing disaccharides of glucose and fructose

Sol: (d) Reducing disaccharides of glucose and fructose

13) Which of the following does not have sulphuric acid groups?

(a) Heparin

(b) Kerato sulfate

(c) Hyaluronic acid

(d) Chondroitin sulfate

Sol: (c) Hyaluronic acid.

14) Digitonin is a _________.

(a) Lipid

(b) Protein

(c) Glycoside

(d) Alkaloid

Sol: (c) Glycoside.

15) Which of the following is the simplest carbohydrate?

(a) Gulose

(b) Glucose

(c) Dihydroxyacetone

(d) Glyceraldehyde

Sol: (d) Glyceraldehyde.

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