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Anatomically, eyes are one of the most complex sense organs in the animal kingdom, only second to the brain. However, the human vision is drastically different and in some cases, inferior to that of animals. For instance, we are unable to perceive a whole range of colours outside the visible spectrum of light. Other members from the animal kingdom, such as the bullfrog can perceive the world through infrared light, bees and other insects can see the ultraviolet spectrum. Continue reading to discover more interesting facts about the eye.

Interesting Facts about The Eye

  1. One of the fastest muscles in the human body is the eye – hence, the expression, “In the blink of an eye.”
  2. Animals such as the salamander can regrow eyes, along with entire limbs and organs.
  3. We actually see the world upside down, just like how a pinhole camera produces an inverted image. Our brain is wired to process and invert the image.
  4. An eye exam or a sight test can detect diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes.
  5. Colourblindness is more prevalent in males.
  6. All babies are born colourblind. Colour vision starts to weeks after birth and infants are able to fully perceive colour by 6 months.
  7. The mantis shrimp has the most complex eye in the animal kingdom, with 12 colour receptors. For comparison, humans possess only 3. This means that the mantis shrimp can see colours which us humans cannot even perceive.
  8. Cornea, the transparent layer at the front of the eye is the only tissue in the body that does not have blood vessels. Having blood vessels may cloud and block vision.
  9. The Colossal Squid has the largest eye in the animal kingdom, averaging over 27 inches in diameter.
  10. Entire eye transplants are currently impossible with present medical knowledge and practices. Only the cornea can be transplanted successfully.

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