Facts About Animals

What is an Animal?

Animals are simply defined as the multicellular, eukaryotic, aerobic organisms which feed on plants and other animals as their source of food. All these animals reproduce sexually and live freely in the habitat. Altogether, there are two to three millions of animal species and are grouped into the Animal kingdom, which is the largest and most diverse group among the five kingdoms of biological classifications. Based on their similarities, characteristic features, and their genetic analysis, animals are grouped into Kingdom Animalia.

In order to study the different types of animals along with their features, taxonomist grouped all animals into Kingdom Animalia, which is further divided into divisions and subdivisions. Based on their body structure and the presence of the backbone, animals are divided into vertebrates and invertebrates. More than millions of invertebrate species are discovered, whereas only fifty to sixty thousands of different vertebrates are identified.

There are different types of animal species available in Animal kingdom or kingdom Animalia, which are further classified based on the type of cell, body symmetry, types of reproduction, mode of nutrition, their locomotion and their habitat but not classified by their size.

There are many unfamiliar animal facts. Here are some of the interesting facts about animals.

Interesting Facts about the Animals

Facts about the Animals

Fact –NO – 1

There are various species of insects existing on this planet earth. On an estimation, the number ranges between 20 to 30 million.

Fact –NO – 2

An interesting fact about the cockroaches is, it is the only insect, which can live without their head for more than a week.

Fact –NO – 3

The blue whale is the heaviest and largest mammal in the Animalia kingdom. They are the warm-blooded marine mammals which weighs between 130 to 150 tons and can be up to 30 to 35 meters long.

Fact –NO – 4

Believe it or not. Like humans, many other species have red coloured blood, there are few animal species which have varying blood colours.

Fact –NO -5

Kodiak bear is the largest, endangered, terrestrial omnivorous mammals in the world. They are the unique subspecies of brown bear which can grow up to 10 feet tall and weigh up to 1,500 lbs.

Fact –NO -6

According to the animal behaviourists, cats don’t meow to communicate with each other. It is a technique they use for getting human’s attention and are the most popular pet in the world.

Fact –NO -7

Elephants are the largest, terrestrial herbivorous mammals in the world. They can grow up to 9 feet tall and their weight ranges between4,000 -7,500kg. An average lifespan of an elephant is around 50 to 70 years.

Fact –NO -8

Lions, tigers, jaguars, cheetah, and leopards, are among the five big cats of the animal kingdom and are members of the genus Panthera. They are the most ferocious, endangered, carnivores, terrestrial and largest wild cats in the world of animals.

Fact –NO -9

Tigers are solitary hunters, and generally search for food alone at night. Both lion and tigers are called as the top predator and lies at the top of the food web. These carnivores plays key role in maintaining the population of other animals in an ecological community.

Fact –NO -10

All members of the cat family have excellent vision, good sense of hearing that facilitate detection of prey at night and are good swimmers and excellent fishermen.

Fact –NO -11

Cheetah are fastest land animal in the world, which can run at up to 112 kilometres per hour. They have a long tail measuring65cm to80cm.

Fact –NO -12

Leopardsare animals who like to live alone and are incredibly powerful and can run at up to 58 kilometres per hour. They are skilled climbers, who like to rest on the branches of trees during the day and are active at night in search of food.

Fact –NO -13

Pigeons are believed to be the first bird to deliver messages and parrots can learn and say around 200 words. Goose, pigeons, dove and parrots were the first domesticated birds by the humans.

Fact –NO -14

There are over 9,500 species of birds in the world. The world’s only wingless bird is the kiwi. Ostriches, and dodo are all birds that do not fly. Penguins are the only bird that can swim, walks upright but cannot fly.

Fact –NO -15

There are over 20,000 to 25,000 species of fish identified on the earth. According to the evolutionist and other research, fish are the ancient species which were found long before dinosaurs more than 450 million years ago.

These were a few interesting Facts about Animals. For more facts and other additional information about the Animals, check for the links given below.

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