Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary And National Park

To the uninformed, there might not be a difference between a wildlife sanctuary and national park as both serve the same function – to protect flora and fauna. This is quite true, but there is one main difference that separates the two – Human activities are allowed in a wildlife sanctuary – to a limited extent but are illegal in a national park (according to the Indian Ministry of Environment & Forests).

Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary And National Park

Human activities are allowed to a limited extent in wildlife sanctuaries such as agriculture and organic farming, extracting timber or collecting honey, fruits, berries, etc. However, due to the wide restrictions imposed by the authorities, the commercial scope can be quite limited.

Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary And National Park
Wildlife Sanctuary National Park
Human activities are allowed. No human activities are allowed.
The main aim is to protect a particular flora or fauna. Can include flora, fauna or any other objects of historical/geographic significance.
There are no fixed boundaries. Boundaries are fixed and defined.
It is open to the general public Not usually open to the public.
A sanctuary can be upgraded to a national park A national park cannot be downgraded to a sanctuary.

In conclusion, these are the major differences between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park.

Points to Ponder

Do you know where the largest ever national park in the world is located? It is the Northeast Greenland National Park, located in Greenland. And the largest national park in India is the Hemis National Park, located in Jammu and Kashmir.

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