Lung Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells.

Overview of Lung Cancer

Cancer is a term used to describe an unusual cell growth that has the potential to spread to other parts of the body. There are over 100 types of cancers identified till date and any part of the body can be affected. The most common ones being classified into one of six types, namely: Carcinoma, Sarcoma, Lymphoma, Leukaemia, Blastoma and Germ Cell Tumor.

According to the NCI- Cancer Research Institute, approximately 70% of deaths from cancer occur in low- and middle-income countries and in the year 2019, there will be approximately 140,690 cancer cases diagnosed in the United States.

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Lung Cancer Symptoms

As the name suggests, this type of cancer affects the lungs. In the lungs, uncontrolled growth of cells is observed, which lead to many life-threatening complications. Today, it is the most common form of cancer and the leading cause of cancer deaths.

It is prevalent among men, particularly, men who smoke. It can also affect individuals who have never smoked. The leading carcinogenic agent is the cigarettes, however, cases are also linked to individuals who have been exposed to asbestos and radon gases. Cancer also instigates other diseases as the body’s immunity is compromised.

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Lung cancer symptoms include:

  1. Fatigue.
  2. Wheezing.
  3. Loss of appetite.
  4. Changes invoice.
  5. Persistent cough.
  6. Blunt chest pain.
  7. Shortness of breath.
  8. Blood-streaked sputum.
  9. Unexplained Weight loss.
  10. Increased vulnerability to respiratory infections.

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