Important 5 Marks Questions For CBSE Class 11 Biology

Here the CBSE class 11 students are provided with some important 5 marks biology questions. These questions are in accordance with the latest CBSE pattern and are from the syllabus topics only. Students can also visit CBSE question papers for class 11 biology and get several class 11 biology question papers.

Students also need to know certain important points about the 5 marks questions. Those points are mentioned below:

  1. 3 questions are asked in the long answer, i.e., 5 marks section.
  2. All 3 questions will have internal choices.
  3. Students need to answer in detail with labelled diagrams (if required).
  4. It is suggested to include all the relevant points to justify the answers.

Important 5 Marks Questions For CBSE Class 11 Biology Exam

Question 1:

(i) Explain the human digestive system with a labelled diagram.

(ii) What is the function of HCl in the stomach?

Question 2:

Describe various forms of lipid with a few examples.

Question 3:

Based on the types of reactions catalyzed, give an account of enzymes.

Question 4:

‘Hypothalamus and pituitary function as an integrated and coordinated system’. Justify this statement.

Question 5:

What are protozoan protists? Describe the different types of movement seen in this group.

Question 6:

Name the genes that constitute an operon. How does lac operon get switched on in the presence of lactose?

Question 7:

Draw the diagram of a sarcomere of skeletal muscle showing different regions. Describe the important steps in muscle contraction.

Question 8:

Explain the process of conduction of nerve impulse.

Question 9:

Explain with schematic diagram the electron transport system.

Question 10:

In which organisms heterocyst is present. Explain its features. Which feature makes it suitable for nitrogen-fixation?

Question 11:

Give an account of the abdomen of the female cockroach.

Question 12:

Write detailed notes on the types of muscle tissue.

Question 13:

Draw a neat labelled diagram of the internal structure of the heart and explain the Cardiac Cycle.

Question 14:

Name the two cells of Islets of Langerhans that secrete hormones. Name the hormones. Explain their role in maintaining sugar level in blood.

Question 15:

Describe the counter concurrent mechanism of urine concentration in human.

Question 16:

Draw the schematic diagram of the Krebs cycle and explain it.

Question 17:

Write a note on the endomembrane system.

Question 18:

Show the stages of embryonic development from zygote up to implantation in humans with the help of diagrams.

Question 19:

What is the cell cycle? Draw the diagrammatic representation of the cell cycle. Name the phase of DNA synthesis.

Question 20:

State the assumptions that are made during the calculation of net gain of ATP during aerobic respiration.

Question 21:

Draw a labelled diagram of the nucleus and describe them.

Question 22:

What is secondary growth in dicot stem? Explain briefly.

Question 23:

Classify enzymes and write their nomenclature.

Question 24:

Explain the mechanism of hearing with well-labelled diagrams.


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