Linear Equations In One Variable Class 8 Notes- Chapter 2

In this type of equations, the expressions which are involved in the formation of the equation are made up of one variable. I.e. the highest power of the variables used in the equations is 1. The solution to this linear equation can be any rational number. This equation may consist expressions which are linear on both sides of the equal to sign.

Just like numbers, we can also transpose the variables from one side of the equation to the other side. The simplification of the equations which was formed by expressions and this can be done by bringing the equation into a linear form by equating the expression by multiplication using suitable techniques. Utilization of linear equation can be seen in diverse scenarios such as problems on numbers, perimeter, ages, currency, and even algebra has linear equations applications.

Example of Linear Equation

Lets us see how to solve an equation, \(x+\frac{2}{3}+4=\frac{4}{9}\)

In order to bring the LHS of the equation into a linear form, let’s multiply (3x+4) into both sides of the equation.


-> x+2=4(3x+4)/9

-> 9(x+2)=4(3x+4)

-> 9x+18=12x+16

-> 12x-9x=18-16

-> 3x=2

-> x=2/3


Important Questions

  1. If we got 1/8 from a number after subtracting 1/2 from the same number and multiplying the result by 1/2. Find out the number?
  2. The dimensions of the swimming pool are given as length is 2 m more than the twice of the breadth. Perimeter is 154 more. Find out the breadth and length of the pool.
  3. The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is is 62/15 cm and its base is 4/3 cm. Find out the length of the remaining sides which are equal?
  4. If one exceeds the other by 15 and the sum of two numbers is 95 , Calculate the numbers.
  5. If Two numbers differ by 18 and they are in the ratio 5:3, Calculate the numbers?

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