CBSE Question Papers For Class 8 Science SA1

The exams conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education is considered to be very crucial in the life of students who aim to achieve a good career. By analyzing the last few years question paper, we can figure out the marking scheme and type of questions asked in the examination.

We at Byju’s provide you with CBSE Question Papers for class 8 science SA1 which students can download in the PDF format. Also, Students can practice the question paper in order to test themselves and get to know their preparation level. This will also minimize their nervousness and boost up their confidence towards the final exam. The question paper adheres to the CBSE Class 8 Syllabus and is advised to solve it on a regular basis.

The students can download the CBSE Question Paper for Class 8 Science SA1 from the links given below: 

Practise This Question

Column - IColumn - IIA. AcrylicP. Contains repeating ester unitsB. CelluloseQ. Used for making sweatersC. PolytheneR. Made up of large number of glucose unitsD. TelyleneS. Used for manufacturing toys.
Which of the following is the correct matching ?