Biology Notes For Class 11 Chapter 1

When we look at the living world we see a lot of variety. There are millions of plants and animals and there are some which still remain unknown. Thus, chapter 1 in class 11 biology textbook deals with the study of kinds and diversity of organisms. Here students will learn about certain rules and principles for identification, nomenclature and classification of organisms. The will basically be introduced to the idea of taxonomy. To help students learn and master the concepts in an easy manner, we at BYJU’S are providing biology notes for class 11 chapter 1 – the living world here. These notes are helpful in learning the topics in an effective way and completing the revision of the whole syllabus on time before the exam starts. Students should read the CBSE notes given here to get an overview of the important concepts and questions present in the class 11 biology chapter 1.

Students can read about some of the topics by visiting the links given below.

What Is Living?

The Living World

Characteristics Of Living And Non-Living Things

Biological Classification – Taxonomy

Basics Of Biological Classification

Taxonomy Nomenclature

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Biology Notes Chapter 1: The Living World


What is the meaning of diversity?

Diversity is the combination of different types of species and types present among organisms.


What is nomenclature?

The system of naming different species according to their genus and other classifications is known to be nomenclature.


Who is a botanist?

A botanist is a person who studies plant kingdom and the effect of the plant species on the environment.


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