Ratio And Proportion Class 6 Maths Notes - Chapter 12

Mathematical numbers used in comparing two things which are similar to each other in terms of units are ratios. A ratio can be written in three different ways viz, x to y, x: y and x/y but read as the ratio of x to y. For example,

  1. The ratio of 4 to 5 is 4: 5.
  2. Ram’s weight is 40 kgs and Ali’s weight is 80 kgs. To find out the ratio of Ram’s weight to Ali’s weight we need to divide Ram’s weight to Ali’s weight. Therefore, the ratio between Ram’s and Ali’s weight is 40/80= 1:2

Comparing things similar to each other is the concept of ratio. And when two ratios are the same, they are said to be in proportion to each other. It is represented by the symbol ‘::’ or ‘=’.

Ratio And Proportion Questions

  1. Find the ratio of the length to the breadth of the field. Find the ratio of a rectangular field whose length is 45 m and breadth is 10 m.
  2. Write two equivalent ratios of 9: 6.
  3. Find the ratio for the below –
  4. (a) 98 to 63 (b) 55 paise to Rs 1 (c) 30 minutes to 45 minutes

  1. There are 3300 students and 102 teachers in a school. Calculate the ratio of the number
    of teachers to the number of students.
  2. What will be the cost of 4 cans of juice if the cost of 6 cans of juice is Rs 210?
  3. The weight of 72 bricks is 9 kg. What is the weight of 40 bricks?
  4. Cost of 105 card sheets is Rs 350. How many card sheets can be purchased for Rs100?
  5. State true or false for the following –
  6. (a)21: 6 :: 35 : 10 (b) 5.2 : 3.9 :: 3 : 4 (c) 16 : 24 :: 20 : 30 (d) 0.9 : 0.36 :: 10 : 4

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