Geometric Shapes & Figures

What are Geometric Shapes?

Daily we come across many shapes. The things like photo frames, ice-cream cone, ball, block, bricks and many more which we use daily are of different shapes. Shapes are nothing but simple geometric figures which have a specific boundary, interior and exterior surface area.

Some shapes are two-dimensional (2-D) where some are three-dimensional (3-D) figures. To draw any of these figures, one begins with a line or a line segment or a curve. Depending upon the number and arrangement of these lines we get different types of shapes and figures like a triangle, a figure where three line segments are connected, Pentagon (five line segments) and so on. But every figure is not a complete figure.

Types of Geometric Shapes: Open & Closed Figures

A point is a small dot which is the starting point of a line segment. By definition, a line segment is a part of a line in which a linear lane connecting two points within a line. Different numbers of line segments give us different figures and such figures may be either open figure or closed shapes or figures.

Geometric shapes

Closed Shapes

Geometric shapes such as a square, rectangle, circles and triangles are few basic 2D shapes. These figures are collectively called polygons. A polygon is any shape which is flat or plane on a surface of a paper. They have a finite closed boundary made up of a fixed number of line segments and are called sides of the polygon. Each side meets at a common point called corners (vertex).

Such bounded geometric shapes like polygons are called closed figures. A boundary of a closed figure is not only made of line segments but also by curves. Hence, a closed figure can be defined as any geometric shape which starts and ends at the same point to form a boundary by line segments or by curves.

Closed Geometric shapes

Open Shapes

Open figures are incomplete shapes. To sketch a closed figure one has to meet both the starting point and ending point. Open figures are also depicted by using line segments or by curves but at least of the lines will be discontinuous. An open figure’s starting and end points are different.

Open Geometric shapes

Practice Question:

Question: Find the open figure from the following.

Geometric shapes Question
Solution: Correct answer is figure D. All other figures are closed figures where both the start and end points are the same.

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Practise This Question

Given below is a pattern made using squares. Observe the pattern and tell the number of squares in the next figure in the sequence. Also find the general form which represents the number of squares in the sequence.