Algebra Class 6 Maths Notes - Chapter 11

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that can substitute letters for numbers to find the unknown. It can also be defined as putting real life variables into equations and then solving them. The word Algebra is derived from Arabic “al-jabr”, which means the reunion of broken parts. Below are some algebra problems for students to practice.

Algebra problems for Class 6

  1. Write the rule (by using a variable) that gives the number of matchsticks required to make the following patterns –
    1. Letter |_|
    2. Letter V
    3. Letter Z
  1. There are 40 mangoes in a box. What is the total number of mangoes in terms of the number of boxes? (Use c for the number of boxes)
  2. Sita is Gita’s younger sister. Sita is 4 years younger than Gita. Can you write Sita’s age in terms of Gita’s age? Take Gita’s age to be y years.
  3. In the given figure AB is a diameter of the circle and C is its center. You need to express the diameter (d) of the circle in terms of its radius (r).
  4. Algebra Class 6 Maths Notes - Chapter 11

  1. Identify expressions with numbers only –
    1. 5 – 5n
    2. y + 3
    3. (7 × 20) – (5 × 10) – 45 + p
    4. (7 × 20) – 8z
    5. 3x
    6. 5 (21 – 7) + 7 × 2
  1. Expressions for the below-given cases?
    1. p multiplied by – 5
    2. p multiplied by 7
    3. – p divided by 5
    4. 7 subtracted from p
  1. Consider Reena’s present age to be y years
    1. What will be her age after 5 years?
    2. 3 years back what was Reena’s age?
    3. Reena’s grandfather is 6 times her age. Calculate her grandfather’s age.
    4. Reena’s grandmother is 2 years younger than her grandfather. What is Reena’s grandmother’s age?
    5. Reena’s father’s age is 5 years more than 3 times Reena’s age. What is her father’s age?
  1. How do you express the following?
    1. y is multiplied by 6 and the result is subtracted from 18
    2. 5 times y to which 3 is added
    3. 11 subtracted from 2m
    4. y is multiplied by – 6 and then 3 is added to the result

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Practise This Question

Draw a circle with center O with radius 7cm. Draw any one of the diameters AB. With same center O, draw another circle with radius 4cm. Draw any one of the diameters CD for this circle too. If you join the ends of both the diameters, the figure you will get is: