Basic Of Algebra

Algebra is based on the concept of values that are unknown which are called variables. Basics of Algebra cover simple operation of mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division involving both constant as well as variables. This introduces an important algebraic concept known as equations. The equation can be thought of as a scale where the weights are balanced through numbers or constants.

Algebra - Basics Of Algebra

You can find the detail about some basics things in algebra like types of equations, expressions involving one variable or two variables in Byju’s, the learning app.

Terms related to basic algebra skills are mentioned below.

  1. Exponent
  2. Expression
  3. Polynomial (Monomial, binomial and trinomial)
  4. Like terms and Unlike terms
  5. Constants

An equation is a statement which implies two same identities separated by “=” sign. Whereas an expression is a group of different terms separated by ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign.

Like terms are those terms whose variables and their exponents are same.

Basic Algebra Rules:

The basic algebra rules are mentioned below:

1 The Symmetry rule

2 The commutative rules

3 The inverse of adding

4 Two rules for equation

Some of the basic algebra worksheets are given below containing basic math algebra questions.

Example 1: Find y, when, y + 15 = 30

Solution: y = 30 – 15

y = 15

Q2 : Find x, when, 9x = 63

Ans. x = \(\frac{ 63 }{ 9 }\)<

x = 7

Basic algebra practice is the key to success according to the tablet learning program.

Practise This Question

Given below is a pattern made using squares. Observe the pattern and tell the number of squares in the next figure in the sequence. Also find the general form which represents the number of squares in the sequence.