CBSE Sample Papers For Class 6 Maths

CBSE Sample papers for class 6 Maths is an effective and useful resource to obtain good grades in class 6 Maths exams. The set of CBSE class 6 sample papers provide every important question along with the solution to exercise questions of maths textbooks for every unit. You can also know the marks allotment for every unit, adhered by the Central Board of secondary education.

Download CBSE Sample Papers For Class 6 Maths

Practicing Maths sample papers will give you more confidence by practicing different kinds of problems and make you remember all the formulas. You get an idea of how a particular can be asked in a variety of ways and different marks allotment and moreover, you also get used to NCERT solutions for maths problems of CBSE class 6.

Also, we have also provided the sample papers for SA 1 and SA 2 exam. To access them click on the link below:

Why should you solve CBSE sample Paper for class 6 Maths?

The importance of solving CBSE sample papers for class 6 maths are –

  • Paper pattern – You will be aware of the type of questions that will be appearing from arithmetic, algebra, geometry sections. Also, the marks distributed to each topic.
  • Self assessment – Opportunity to analyse and work on the weak math topics.
  • Speed – By constant practice of the maths sample papers you will be able to tackle the complex problems wisely and quickly.
  • Score full marks – The chances of scoring full marks in mathematics will be greater if you thoroughly practice CBSE sample papers class 6 maths

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