Knowing our Numbers Class 6 notes - Chapter 1

A number is a mathematical value used to count and measure different objects. With the help of the numbers we all are able to add, subtract, divide and multiple.

Here we will be learning how to compare numbers, expand the number and also learn about the largest and the smallest numbers.

Roman numerals and the Hindu-Arabic numeral system are the two different types of number system used for writing numbers in many places. We all can see the roman numerals in clocks, page numbers, school timetable in syllabus page, etc.

Examples of Roman numerals are I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X ……

In Roman numerals

30 is written as XXX,

50 is written as L

80 is written as LXXX

90 is written as XC

100 is written as C

Lets us look into some solved example problems.

  1. Identify the greater number in – 548 351 794 194
  2. 794 is the greater number.

  1. Identify the smallest number in – 173 643 132 794
  2. 132 is the smallest number.

Important Questions

  1. What are Roman Numbers? Write the Roman numerals for 49.
  2. Arrange the following numbers in ascending order.
  3. 7561 1796 2356 3794 3010

  1. Arrange the following numbers in descending order.
  2. 9430 1070 1924 2010 2019

  1. Estimate: 9,431 – 813.
  2. If the distance between the home and a playground is 2 km 375 m. Find the total distance covered by him in five days, if he walks both ways.
  3. Find the difference between the greatest and the least 5-digit number that can be written using the digits 6, 2, 7, 4, 3 each only once.

Learn more about the numbers from the topics given below:

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