CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Papers SA 1

Class 9 is a crucial stage for students as it set up a base for the higher classes. So, it’s important that students should focus on grasping the concepts and try to perform well in all exam, whether it is a class test or summative assessment test. To help them in exam preparation, we have provided the CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Papers for SA 1 exam. Students must solve them after finishing the syllabus of SA 1 test. It will help them in increasing their overall score at the end of the academic session.

Note: This sample paper is based on a previous year pattern. Get the latest paper from CBSE sample papers for Class 9 Science.

Download CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Papers SA 1

Students will become acquainted with the question paper pattern, marking scheme and difficulty level of the exam by solving the CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Paper SA 1. They will also get to know their strong and weak areas. Working on the weakness will improve their performance in the exam. The CBSE Class 9 Science SA 1 Sample papers are provided below for free downloading in PDF format.

CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Papers SA 1 Set 1
CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Papers SA 1 Set 2

Students can get the sample papers for all the subjects by visiting the CBSE Class 9 Sample paper page at BYJU’S.

How to Solve the CBSE Class 9 Science SA 1 Sample Papers

To gain the maximum benefits of solving the CBSE sample papers, students must follow the points mentioned below.

  1. Solve the sample paper with seriousness by considering the actual exam scenario.
  2. Stick to the timing, as mentioned in the sample paper.
  3. Be honest to yourself. Do not look for the answers while solving the sample papers.
  4. After solving the sample paper, students must self evaluate their answer sheet.
  5. Students must note down the points where they have committed the mistake.
  6. Work on weak areas to improve overall performance.

Students must solve these papers before the exam. It will give them good revision and  help them analyse those areas where they need to put extra effort to improve their performance.

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