CBSE Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2016

CBSE class 12 board examination is not less than the first turning point in any student’s career life. It is not hidden from anyone that class 12 aggregate decides your route for the future and shapes your career as the class 12th grades are of prime importance for getting into a prestigious college. Students can practice the questions papers and follow the important questions that are generally asked in an examination.

As the course of class 12 is vast, practicing question paper help students to know the pattern of questions and marking scheme of the examination. Practicing CBSE question papers for class 12 for the subject of physics helps the students to excel in their examination, thus helps in improving the grades in their Board examination.

Here at Byju’s, we bring you the CBSE class 12 physics question paper 2016 in PDF format which is available for download from the links given below.


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A conducting ring is placed around the core of an electromagnet as shown in fig. When key K is pressed, the ring