Force And Pressure Class 8 Notes - Chapter 11

In science, a push or pull of an object is known as force. The interaction between two objects arises force. Force has both magnitude and direction. The strength of a force is expressed in magnitude. Force brings about a change in the direction or state of motion of a body. In class 8 science chapter 11, various characteristics of force along with the types of force are discussed.

Characteristic of Force

A few of the properties of force are as follows:

  • Makes an object move from rest
  • Changes the speed of an object
  • Changes the shape of an object
  • May cause some or all of the listed effect
  • The net force of two forces applied to an object in the same direction, add to one another.
  • If two forces are applied in opposite direction, the net force is the difference between the two forces.

Types of Force

Depending upon the interaction between force and an object, force is classified into contact force and non-contact force.

Contact Force

The force applied to an object only when it is in contact with it is known as contact force. The two types of contact forces are :

  • Muscular Force
  • Friction

Non-Contact Force

The force exerted on an object without being in contact with it is known as non-contact force. The two types of non-contact force are

  • Gravitational force
  • Electrostatic force

Force per unit area is known as pressure. Both liquids and gases exert pressure on the walls of their container. The pressure exerted by the air is known as atmospheric pressure.

Force and Pressure Class 8 MCQ

  1. Force acts on an object and may change
    a. Direction
    b. Speed
    c. Shape
    d. All of the above
  1. Force is
    a. Push
    b. Pull
    c. Both push and pull
    d. None of the above
  2. The strength of a force is expressed by its
    a. mass
    b. weight
    c. magnitude
    d. longitudinal force

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