ICSE Class 7 Physics Syllabus

The ICSE Syllabus is a learning material that is composed strategically to make the students aware of the topics and sub-topics that are to be completed throughout an academic session. Students can understand the details of the course using a syllabus. The ICSE Syllabus gives a complete overview of the course description and objectives, grading and evaluation process, the required number of assignments and other practical works.

The Class 7 Physics ICSE Syllabus, provided here, gives a sharp insight to students regarding the topics that the students have to learn in the subject. The ICSE Class 7 Syllabus aims to provide students with detailed information regarding the concepts which are important for the exams.

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Theme 1: Physical Quantities and Measurement

  1. Measurement of Volume (3D concept)
  2. Measurement of area
  3. Measurement of Density of Regular Solids
  4. Calculation of Speed

Theme 2: Force and Pressure: Motion

  1. Motion as a change in position of an object with respect to time.
  2. Types of motion
  3. Uniform and Non-Uniform Motion: concept of distance and speed (average speed)
  4. Weight

Theme 3: Energy

  1. Energy
  2. Law of Conservation of Energy

Theme 4: Light Energy

  1. Reflection
  2. Laws of Reflection
  3. Plane mirror
  4. Speed of light (3 x 108 m/s)
  5. Primary colours (RGB)
  6. Formation of secondary colours by colour addition
  7. Appearance of colour of an object (based on reflection and absorption)
  8. Colour subtraction

Theme 5: Heat

  1. Heat as a form of energy and its units, Joule (J) and calorie (cal)
  2. Different units of Temperature (0C, 0F, K)
  3. Effects of Heat
  4. Methods of Heat Transfer
  5. Thermos Flask (Application of Heat Transfer)

Theme 6: Sound

  1. Sources of sound
  2. Sound as a longitudinal wave
  3. Characteristics of a sound wave: Amplitude (Relate amplitude with loudness) and Frequency.
  4. Sound needs a medium to propagate
  5. Reflection and Absorption of sound
  6. Relative speed of sound in different mediums

Theme 7: Electricity and Magnetism

  • Law of Magnetism
  • Test for a magnet (by repulsion)
  • Electromagnetism, Electromagnets and their applications- Electric bell
  • Electric current as a flow of charge
  • Electric cell as source of electricity
  • Resistors as components that oppose the flow of current
  • Symbolic representation of electrical components (key, battery, bulb, conducting wire, resistor)
  • Simple electric circuit- Series and Parallel
  • Battery as a collection of cells connected in series
  • Good and Bad conductors of electricity


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