ISC Class 11 Biology Important Questions

Biology is one of the core subjects that the students of the Class 11 science group learn. It includes the study of the physical and chemical structure of various organisms, their internal functions, evolution, growth and much more. ISC Class 11 Important Questions is an essential resource for students preparing for the Class 11 Biology board examination. Question from vital topics of the textbooks is covered in this list of important questions. The students will get an idea of the type of questions that can be expected in the Class 11th examination as well.

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The Important Questions of ISC Class 11 Biology are given below:

  1. Draw a well-labelled diagram of electron microscopic structure of the chloroplast.
  2. Draw a well-labelled diagram of electron microscopic structure of a eukaryotic cell.
  3. Describe an experiment to show the downwards transport of organic solutes through the phloem.
  4. What are the criteria of essentiality of minerals in plants?
  5. Give the characteristic role of nitrogen and phosphorus in plant.
  6. Explain the chemical events occurring during muscle contraction.
  7. Describe the physiology of urine formation.
  8. Give the cause and one symptom of the following diseases:
    1. Angina pectoris
    2. Gout
    3. Constipation
  9. Give the function of the following in a cockroach:
    1. Hepatic caeca
    2. Spiracles
    3. Mushroom gland
  10. Draw a well-labelled diagram of electron microscopic structure of TS of cilia.
  11. Describe any three factors affecting the process of imbibition.
  12. Describe any three external factors affecting the process of photosynthesis.
  13. Describe different types of gynoecia on the basis of the position of the ovary with respect to other floral whorls.
  14. Describe different types of neurons on the basis of their polarity.
  15. Name the three systems of classification of living organisms. Give one salient feature of each of the three systems.
  16. Give four differences between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells.
  17. Give four differences between mitosis and meiosis.
  18. Write a short note on double circulation.
  19. State four physiological functions of auxins.
  20. Differentiate between monocots and dicots, with reference to their root system and venation in the leaves.


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