GSEB Class 9 Social Science Textbooks

Textbooks are essential materials for everyone. In the school environment, books serve as a guide for students as well as teachers. Textbooks cover the syllabus that a student is supposed to learn in the entire academic year. They provide information and students can also refer to their textbooks to refresh their memory. Social Science textbook of Class 9 is a reliable source of information, which will guide students on the kind of question that they are likely to encounter during examinations. The textbook is divided into 20 chapters covering the concepts of History, Geography and Civics.

Students of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board can download the GSEB Class 9 textbook of Social Science available in English and Gujarati medium by clicking the below-mentioned link. It is always advisable for students to refer to their Social Science textbook while preparing for the exam. The textbook is approved and sanctioned by the GSEB board. All the concepts are explained elaborately with suitable examples, and at the end of each chapter, practice questions are provided for students. These textbooks are designed as per GSEB syllabus of Class 9 Social Science.

Download GSEB Class 9 Social Science PDF’s Textbook – English Medium

Download GSEB Class 9 Social Science PDF’s Textbook – Gujarati Medium

Chapter Names of Class 9 Social Science Textbook

Unit I: Twentieth Century: The World and India

Chapter 1: Rise of British Rule in India

Chapter 2: First World War and Russian Revolution

Chapter 3: Movement Towards A New World

Chapter 4: National Movements in India

Chapter 5: Movement Towards Independence

Chapter 6: World After 1945

Chapter 7: Post – Independence India

Unit 2: Making of Modem Nation

Chapter 8: Framing of Constitution and Its Features

Chapter 9: Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy

Chapter 10: Organs of Government

Chapter 11: Indian Judiciary

Chapter 12: Indian Democracy

Unit 3: INDIA – Its Lands and People

Chapter 13: India: Location, Geological Structure and Physiography-I

Chapter 14: India: Location, Geological Structure and Physiography-II

Chapter 15: Drainage System

Chapter 16: Climate

Chapter 17: Natural Vegetation

Chapter 18: Wildlife

Chapter 19: India: Human LifeStyle

Chapter 20: Disaster Management

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