Gujarat Board HSC Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions

For the students of Class 12, Chemistry is not the easiest, but they need to prepare and understand all the concepts if they want to pass the Class 12 Chemistry board exams with good percentile and also to clear competitive exams like JEE. Chemistry for Class 12 is a challenging subject that needs a lot of memory power and mugging up chemical reactions in order to score good marks in Gujarat Board exam. Chemistry is the study of structure, properties, matters, atoms, chemical reactions etc. For those students, who want to pursue their career in this field of Science, then they should take Class 12 Chemistry subject seriously. We provide here the list of compiled GSEB Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions for the students to prepare for the board exams. These GSEB Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions of various difficulty levels helps the students to perform well in the board exams.

GSEB Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions

Gujarat Board HSC Class 12 important questions of Chemistry will help students to prepare well and should carefully sort their time and effort into areas, which require the most attention. Class 12 Chemistry syllabus covers topics such as Solid state, Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry, etc, which needs a lot of preparation. So, important questions of Class 12 Chemistry will help students in preparing themselves, as per the latest syllabus and also important topics that are generally asked in the final board exam.

By solving the Gujarat Board HSC Class 12 important questions, students will give a better performance in their board exam. It is important for students to prepare with the help of important questions, which tend to repeat over the years. Learning all the important questions for Class 12 Chemistry is important for the Gujarat board Class 12 exam. Important questions of Class 12 Chemistry will help the students to get a brief idea about the types of questions asked, based on the important concepts from the Gseb Chemistry textbook sem 3,as per the Gujarat Board Class 12 Chemistry syllabus.

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1. Explain classification of Lipids.

2. Explain Filler, Plasticizer and Anti-oxidants

3. Give only equations of dehydration reactions of amides and its Hoffman reaction.

4. Explain Wolff-Kishner and Clemmenson reduction reactions.

5. Explain and give equations of industrial manufacturing of Salicylic acid by Kolbe-Schmitt reaction

6. Explain steps of R & S nomenclature.

7. Show geometrical isomers in cis-trans and facial meridonial results of metal ion Fe and Co bearing 6 co-ordination number.

8. Write points of tendency of transition metal ions to form complex compounds.

9. Give only equations of production of Chlorine and Iodine.

10. Derive formula of Langmuir Absorption Isotherm and express the equation at low and high pressure situations.

11. What is meant by Molal Elevation constant? Derive formula for Molal Elevation constant.

12. What is meant by Molal Depression constant? Derive formula for Molal Depression constant.

13. Write preparation of Vulcanised rubber. State its properties and uses.

14. Explain Condensation reaction of Aldehyde and Ketone compounds by reactions only.

15. Explain by giving chemical reaction for the intermediate obtained by reaction of Methyl magnesium iodide with Ethapal and Propanone which give alcohols on their hydrolysis.

16. Explain Reimer-Tiemann reaction.

17. Write short note on Di”saccharides.

18. Explain : Carbon fibres and give their types and two uses.

19. Write a short note on mechanism of Missile formation. (Figures not required)

20. Explain : Metallic bond and also conduction of electricity in metal.

21. Explain Hoffman reactions with two examples.

22. Explain the geometrical structures of tetra cyano and tetrachlorido complexes of Nickel (II) on the basis of magnetic property.

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