GSEB or Gujarat State Education Board is an elite state education board of the state of gujarat. GSEB is responsible for conducting the examination of Classes 10th, 11th and 12th. In GSEB exams multiple choice questions are asked which are very much easy to answer and are very much scoring. Multiple choice question is a type of question where the candidate is asked to choose only one answer from a limited list of choices. Multiple choice question has 3 parts, a stem, distractors and a correct answers. The stem is the first part of the question that present the item as a problem to be solved, a question or an incomplete statement to be solved. The options provided the best possible answers one can choose, with the incorrect answers called the distractors and the correct answer as the key.

Students studying in GSEB are advised to practice the multiple choice questions so that they don’t miss a single mark in the MCQ sections. The MCQ questions carry one mark for every correct answer.

Benefits of Multiple Choice Questions

  • Multiple Choice Questions assess whether students have memorized certain facts and details.
  • Multiple Choice Questions have fast processing time.
  • More number of questions can be asked from different chapters and can be completed in a less amount of time as compared to the open questions.

Having a practice of solving multiple choice questions will also help a student to score good marks in the national level examinations which are conducted after 12th standard. Exams like JEE Mains and NEET asks only multiple choice questions. Here we have provided the Multiple Choice Questions for class 10th, 11th and Science.

Download Multiple Choice Questions from the table below:

Multiple Choice Questions

Class 10

Class 11

Class 12

It is advised to solve previous year question papers, sample questions and gseb all mcq std 10, 11th and 12th. Solving previous year questions will also help to get acquainted with the types of questions as well as the marking scheme.

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